The “Top Graduate Employers” is co-launched by 51job.com, the leading integrated human resources service provider in China, and yingjiesheng.com, the leading online job search portal for college users in China. The award is being presented to the companies who have a long-term campus recruitment plan as a vital part of their human resource strategy. These companies have recruited college graduates for many years, supported dynamic events and research programs on campus, sponsored activities and nurtured entrepreneurship, and earned broad recognition and high reputation among students.

Selection Criteria
  The number of college graduates recruited annually;
  The number of internship opportunities each year and the strategy and management of the internship program;
  Long-term cooperation with universities, including organizing and sponsoring activities, courses and scientific projects;
  Conduct employment-related forums and events to facilitate career planning and development;
  Support public service activities to cultivate future talent; support student-led business initiatives and nurture entrepreneurship;
  Maintain effective and distinctive graduate talent career development plans and programs;
  Offer attractive compensation packages and benefits;
  Employer reputation and recognition on campus ;
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